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4th St. and E. Townley Ave.

A watercolor of S Mountain from 4th St. and E. Townley Ave.

4th St. and E. Townley Ave.

This watercolor was painted in about 4 hours standing at the Sunnyslope Transit Center near 4th St. and E. Townley Ave.

You can see the covered parking at the bus depot to the right and a trailer park to the left. I was wearing a large sun hat and many layers of sunscreen.

The most people ever to talk to me during a painting so far. Students let out of school came over to ask questions. Little kids on bikes, interested in my tiny watercolor palette.

Even one sassy bunch said I looked like a man! Because when I set out to paint, I am dressed to.. shade myself from the sun.

A lady with face tattoos came over to tell me she would 187 any Five-Oh I am related to. That’s how I decided this painting was finished.

6” x 12”
watercolor on paper