about the artist

self portrait

Megan Jonas is a Phoenix-born artist who delves into the richly creative spaces that exist where humans and nature intersect. Her Phoenix cityscapes are colorful expressions of the places where power lines meet saguaros, where palm trees meet alleyways.

Rather than shirk from the manmade, Jonas incorporates real and dynamic Southwest landscapes into her artwork in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Jonas primarily paints on location, where she can experience the sensory details of a place—the heat of the sun, the smell of the air, the grit under her feet. On-location landscapes also encourage her to work faster to capture the scene before the light changes. Her paintings typically are completed in just a few hours.

Megan Jonas’ work is typified by her distinctly fluid sketching style, along with a limited color palette for an added starkness and vivacity. “I have chosen to paint from life,” Jonas notes, though she also incorporates studio time as a necessary and complimentary practice for her art.

As a Phoenix artist, Jonas continues to search out new opportunities for growth and discovery. She often collaborates with other artists, such as musicians, to create multimedia art shows that contribute to the growing Phoenix art scene. She graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix and is also a member of Arizona Plein Air Painters.